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Repair work

The use of Brick Masonry to repair existing brick structures anywhere in Allendale, SC is an art that has to be carefully executed to ensure that the uniformity, colouring, design of the bricks and patterning of the brickwork on the original structure is maintained. Brick Masonry Guys offers the services of brick structure repair through its masons who have excelled in this art and are well experienced to undertake the repair itself. The repair may also involve the overall overhaul of the design modification and the incorporation of a newly favoured one. This can be perfectly achieved through brick repair masonry.


Types of brick masonry

There are various types of Brick Masonry services on offer today in Allendale, SC depending on the composition of the original brick manufactured at Brick Masonry Guys. The existing types of bricks at Brick Masonry Guys include the clay bricks, the concrete bricks and even other forms of synthetic bricks. The main types of bricks used for construction are the clay and concrete bricks that in turn will dictate the form of masonry to be undertaken during construction. From this Brick Masonry Guys has developed two different approaches which the Brick Masonry individuals can follow regarding the construction involving either the clay bricks or concrete bricks. A major source of variation among the two is the mortar composition and concentration and also the sizes.



For the clients in Allendale, SC who are keen on the use of bricks to come up with brickwork structures, the issue of cost and affordability of Brick Masonry services from Brick Masonry Guys should not even be on the list of their worries since Brick Masonry is one of the most affordable masonry services all over Allendale, SC. The affordable nature of the cost of masonry services is mainly informed by the availability and low cost of brick production process. Contact us today via 888-229-8857 to access the services of brick masons who have greatly excelled in the art of Brick Masonry and associated procedures such as Brick Masonry repair services.

Customers can reach us on 888-229-8857 for more information.

Strength of brick masonry

For Brick Masonry the strength of the outcome of a particular Brick Masonry process anywhere in Allendale, SC is determined and governed by several factors including the strength of the brick, composition of the mortar, brick uniformity and the method used in the laying and production of the brick among others. For wall construction bricks, the strength of the Brick Masonry unit itself is dictated by the ingredients that the brick is composed of and the method used in the manufacturing of the brick. The strength of the mortar used to bind the bricks together is the single major determinant of the strength of Brick Masonry. For a strong Brick Masonry unit, the mortar is required to be stronger than the brick itself thus a strong and compact layer.

The dimensions of the brick also matter significantly, for instance the small sized bricks are most efficient for the construction of brick pavements since the small sizes can bond in a stronger way to withstand the pressure of people walking on them.

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